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Memorial Hermann Medical Group Podiatrists

Podiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle. These include plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, diabetic foot care, fungal nails, ingrown toenails, heel pain and other such conditions. Podiatrists can also prescribe medication and perform surgeries.

The podiatrists at Memorial Hermann Medical Group treat the full spectrum of conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg, and are highly skilled at a variety of surgical procedures. Our podiatrists are trained to treat sports injuries; prescribe and fit orthotics; take and interpret X-ray and other imaging studies; set fractures; and treat diabetic wounds. They are also experienced in performing a number of surgical procedures, including bunion removal, hammertoe correction and bone spur removal. If orthopedic surgery is required, the podiatrists of Memorial Hermann Medical Group can refer patients and collaborate with orthopedic surgeons affiliated with Memorial Hermann.

With convenient locations throughout Greater Houston and beyond, Memorial Hermann Medical Group podiatrists are able to bring their special skills and broad-based knowledge directly to you. Complemented by Memorial Hermann’s outstanding network of affiliated specialists, our podiatrists can easily collaborate with other medical professionals about your health. This provides you with comprehensive, integrated primary care backed by the vast clinical resources of Memorial Hermann – all close to home.

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