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Memorial Hermann Medical Group Nephrologists 

Nephrology is the medical specialty dedicated to serving patients with a broad spectrum of kidney disorders. A nephrologist provides diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. They also help oversee patients undergoing kidney dialysis. Patients can be referred to nephrologists for issues with protein or blood found in the urine, high blood pressure, kidney stones or kidney failure.

Memorial Hermann Medical Group nephrologists are board certified and provide comprehensive care for a variety of kidney conditions including renal parenchymal disease, diabetic nephropathy, polycystic kidney disease, anemia associated with kidney diseases, dialysis management, kidney stones and acute kidney failure. The nephrology specialists at Memorial Hermann Medical Group provide treatment for patients in all stages of kidney disease. For those patients with diabetes and hypertension, the Memorial Hermann Medical Group nephrologists collaborate with the patients’ primary care physicians to prevent the development and progression of kidney disease.

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