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Make Seeing a Doctor
Part of Your New Normal

Your health has never been more essential. Memorial Hermann Medical Group has put new Safe Waitâ„¢ measures in place to protect everyone, which enforce social distancing and other safeguards. Whether you opt to see your doctor in person or through a Virtual Office Visit, you can feel good about staying healthy.


For New Patients

Memorial Hermann Medical Group offers a variety of primary care physicians as well as specialists to meet your health needs. With locations all over Greater Houston and access to video or telephone visits through Virtual Office Visits, our physicians make taking care of your health easy and convenient.

Now Introducing: Our New Patient Scheduling line that makes scheduling an appointment over the phone easy and personalized. This team can work with you to locate an available physician who meets your medical needs and is convenient to your home or work. Call (832) 658-MHMG (6464) to schedule an appointment at a location near you.

What is a Primary Care Physician?

Primary Care Physicians (PCP) can diagnose and treat illnesses and provide preventive medicine.

Benefits of Having a PCP:

Continuity of Care

Ease of Referrals

Knows Your History

Prevents Future Illnesses

Long-lasting Relationships

Establishing care with a primary care physician (PCP) is one of the best ways to put yourself and your family on the path to long-term health and wellness. The PCPs at Memorial Hermann Medical Group can help diagnose and treat common illnesses and ailments as well as provide preventive medicine. They work with you to develop a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle. And, PCPs have collaborative relationships with specialists, making referrals easy, should you need one.

Find a Primary Care Doctor

About Memorial Hermann Medical Group

At Risk Patient

Established by Memorial Hermann in 2006, Memorial Hermann Medical Group brings together many of Houston's leading physicians under one umbrella organization. The individual and group practices that comprise Memorial Hermann Medical Group represent primary care physicians and specialists who share a common vision - to provide the highest level of quality care to their patients.

Choosing a doctor is one of the most important decisions you can make. You and your family deserve the best in medical care from highly skilled professionals with integrity and a passion for what they do. Memorial Hermann Medical Group makes finding the right doctor much simpler.

Memorial Hermann Medical Group physicians are committed to practicing evidence-based medicine and delivering patient care that's centered around you and your needs. And with offices located throughout the Houston area, Memorial Hermann Medical Group makes getting to the doctor more convenient than ever.
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