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Bariatric Surgeons

Bariatric Surgeons are specially trained surgeons that correct obesity surgically. They aim at weight reduction and subsequent improvement in type 2 diabetes by operating on the gastrointestinal tract. Our experts are here to help those who have tried weight training, dieting, yoga, exercising, and other methods to lose weight without success. They perform procedures like gastric binding, gastric bypass, etc. to reduce calorie intake and absorption to achieve the optimal weight for height and age.

Our bariatric surgeons are highly trained, board-certified or board eligible experts who have completed an intensive surgical residency program after medical school enhanced by advanced training in bariatric surgery.

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Dr. Felix Spiegel, MD thumb
Dr. Felix Spiegel, MD

Bariatric Surgery

5373 W Alabama St Ste 121
Houston, TX 77056

Distance: 5 mi

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