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Candice Winful, M.D.
Family Medicine

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Candice Winful, M.D., is a family medicine and sports medicine physician serving patients 3 months and up. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Dr. Winful completed her residency at Iowa Lutheran Hospital and her fellowship at JPS Sports Medicine in Fort Worth, Texas. After studying chemical engineering as an undergraduate, Dr. Winful chose to practice medicine because it combined her analytical skills with getting to know and interact with patients.

Dr. Winful sees patients for a variety of reasons including aches and sprains, concussions, fractures, and other acute and chronic conditions. Her clinical interests include concussion management, regenerative medicine, and prothotherapy.

With her patients, Dr. Winful takes a team approach, offering her medical expertise and care along with compassion. She is enthusiastic about providing care and seeing her patients back to feeling great throughout their daily lives. With a diverse background in wound care, sports medicine, urgent care, pain management, and family medicine, Dr. Winful is uniquely qualified to help a variety of patients.

In her spare time, Dr. Winful enjoys road trips, concerts, theater, and sports, specifically basketball.

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Practice Information

Candice Winful, M.D., practices at Memorial Hermann Urgent Care in Spring.