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Immediate Access To Your Physician

Emergency Services

Memorial Hermann’s Concierge Medicine program offers a highly personalized alternative to traditional health care.

  • Direct access to your physician 24/7
  • Serene and relaxed environment
  • Extended appointment time
  • Phone or text consultations
  • Proactive approach to managing your health
  • Integrated care and streamlined referrals

Find the location nearest you for more details.

Why Memorial Hermann Concierge Medicine?

As a concierge patient, you will enjoy ease of access - day or night - to your personal physician, giving you individualized care options for optimizing your health and wellbeing. You will access the concierge program through our Executive Health locations to assuring you the utmost in quality, convenience, privacy and comfort.

What to Expect

With this program, patients are offered customized or individualized treatment plans that fit into their busy schedules. Health concerns are addressed day or night via phone or text consultations and increased face-to-face time with your physician.

Integrated care throughout the vast Memorial Hermann Health System helps streamline referrals to specialists. When a higher level of care is needed, your physician will be there step by step.

Concierge Medicine patients pay a premium for the immediate access to care. This care offers 12 visits per year with no co-pay* and includes same day access to your physician, little to no waiting time at the office, home visits, and more.

For Employers

Contact us to learn more about how our Concierge Medicine Program can help address your employee’s health needs to fit their busy schedules.

*Concierge Medicine is not covered by insurance.

Sign Up for Concierge Medicine

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